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December 11, 2015
Sole And Flounder Healthy

baked sole fillet recipeHello, friends! And with that, we are into the second week of 2015! I have another healthy recipe for you today: Baked Sole Fillet. Spiced Mediterranean style and baked in a buttery lime sauce and topped with fresh dill, you can almost taste the Mediterranean in these fish fillets!

I spent some time thinking about what to share with you today. Some stories and ideas came to mind, but I must confess, I did not feel like telling any of them. Instead, I will just come out and confess this: I am a little fatigued. In fact, I have been fatigued for the last few days.

Suzy-The-Mediterranean-DishBefore you get any ideas that perhaps I partied too hard over the holidays, rest assured that is not the case. My hubby and I are currently the most low-key, home-bodied people I know. We did enjoy the company of my brother and his family for a few days over the holidays (sorry I only have the one picture taken by cell phone of me and my brother below). But otherwise, no big outings or parties. I did briefly consider joining the big New Year’s bash downtown, but the happy thought was quickly replaced by the happier, and more attainable thought, of staying home in our pajamas. So, no, I am not fatigued because I partied too hard.

Still, it feels like the holiday hustle, with all the to-dos and energy involved, finally gave way to a quiet stillness.Baked-Sole-Fillet-2 And I feel as if some big “let down” or “let go” has taken place both mentally and physically. You know what I’m talking about, right? Isn’t it amazing how our bodies know when to “let down;” to simply crash refusing to do more?

Early in my career, I worked in event management. At the time, I could go through a whole long season of late nights of work–planning, orchestrating and managing large functions–without skipping a beat. I loved it! But as soon as the busyness was over, and almost without a warning, I would get quite ill. I remember one night, I went home feeling awesome after my largest annual gala ended with great success. I mean the kind of success that compelled the president of the organization to high-five me in the hallway as guests were leaving. It felt great! A few hours later, no warning whatsoever, I felt so sick that I ended up in the emergency room. Crazy, eh?!

So what does all this talk of fatigue have to do with our baked fish fillet recipe today? I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way sometimes. Many of us, especially young moms, have very little time for rest. We are committed to doing it all. Am I right?

baked sole fillet recipe with dill baked sole fillet recipe

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