Pan Fried Basa fish Recipes

January 10, 2017
Pan Fried Basa Fish

Basa2-The soft the fragile Basa seafood fillet tastes great when cooked with minimal fuss which batter-fried version is indeed a illustration of that!

Because the time I have found this seafood known as ‘Basa’, I've simply fallen deeply in love with it. Believe me, you'll too should you taste it also once!

This fish’s texture is hugely delicate and soft and contains a amazing capacity of sticking towards the tastes it it cooked with. However this melt-in-the-mouth quality is better loved when it's not overpowered with a lot of spices or herbs.

My this recipe of baking the Basa fillet having a simple batter was inspired in the street food of my hometown – Kolkata - in the eastern region asia.

Basa-Sometimes I miss because of its special “Street Food”. I've remained in couple of large metropolitan areas asia like Mumbai, Hyderabad and today Bangalore, but nowhere could I've found such amazing number of street food, whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

As being a hard-core non-vegetarian, I did previously like the non-veg snacks like mutton cutlet, seafood fry, chicken roll, chicken/mutton/seafood chop and lots of other endless types, however the veg options also never unsuccessful to please me too, like singara (samosa), alur chop (potato fritters), vegetable chop (Mixed veg fritters, mostly centered by beetroot), beguni (eggplant fritters), mochar chop (hard to translate – “mocha” may be the flower of blueberry and “chop” is fritter, you can now easily mix!) and also the list goes so on.

Well, There's no plan of going to my home town throughout recent several weeks, and so i could keep missing them for indefinite time unless of course I decide to use my on the job creating individuals things in your own home. Here is my first trial of seafood fry. My first take arrived on the scene well that was beyond my expectation. We do hope you will enjoy it too!


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