Fish Chowder recipe bacon

May 7, 2016

Chowder Photos: Diana Yen, Food Styling: Diana Yen

Forget about a squeeze of lemon: Bacon is the unsung hero in tons of seafood recipes.

There's nothing that enhances fish and shellfish more than the smoky, savory taste of cured pork. Take the super-comforting, creamy chowder recipe from our new easy seafood feast menu, for example. The silky, aromatic base of cream, thyme, and celery gets instant depth of flavor from just a few slices of bacon.

We got the idea from the Portuguese, who tend to add bacon or sausage to pretty much any recipe that has shellfish in it. And the trick works for pretty much any recipe that has fish or shellfish. Here are a few easy ways to make any seafood dish extra delicious:

-Sauteing shrimp? Dice some bacon and fry it up first, then cook the shrimp in the bacon fat.

-Roasting a fish? Wrap it in thin-sliced bacon before it goes in the oven.

-Broiling oysters? Top them with crisp, crumbled bacon when they're done sizzling.

And of course, don't forget to add that smoky bacon to any seafood stew or chowder.


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