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September 27, 2015
Pan frying paleo fish cakes

This salmon fish cake recipe comes from the BBC Good Food website (again, I know!) and it's not only delicious but also incredibly versatile. It can be served with salad, vegetables, rice or noodles, it can be prepared in advance for a starter, or the Thai curry paste can be substituted for an Indian curry paste to serve with raita. There are many options.

You'll need a food processor or something similar to blend the ingredients together. I used a mini food processor which came with my handheld stick blender and it worked nicely to finely chop the coriander, ginger and salmon. The mixture will seem a bit wet once combined and you might wonder whether it will fall apart in the frying pan without eggs, breadcrumbs or mashed potato to bind it together, but rest assured that it will be fine. I prefer to shape the mixture into six small fish cakes but two large ones would also work - just make sure that they aren't too thick or they'll take longer to cook and you'll risk burning the outside.

You don't need fancy salmon for this dish, the cheaper offcuts work well, and if you're like me and find it difficult to get through an entire jar of curry paste then portion it out into an old ice cube tray, cover and freeze to use later.

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